At Slingshot Ministries we are compelled to use God’s limitless creativity through music and writing, to express His heart and concern over our need for greater sobriety and sense of urgency concerning the days in which we live. Why?

Simply put…we’re in a great spiritual contest! Pharaoh’s court is still in session and the grandstands are full. The conflict is between the God of Moses and the idols of Pharaoh…the true against the counterfeit…the light against the dark…the Holy against the profane. The “prince of the air” has but a short time left to distort the character and motivations of Father God, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit, to the world.

Therefore, as you listen to our music and read our writings, may they help in some way to “clear the air,” revive your spirit, and ignite your desire to know and obey God more passionately than ever before. And in the end…to take a stand like Moses…and tread upon the serpents of this age!